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ebay – under the radar

A new feature to be sprinkled on the blog postings we have experimented with and is fun is to highlight is — lesser known whistles to round out ones collections and research with. We call it flying under the radar. Why ?? Because they can be easily overlooked and cheap !!!

Today is a BUY IT NOW on an escargot – damaged at that !!!

301229107126 —

What do you notice besides the damage ??

First, it is easliy repairable and will look great. All one has to do is bend back out the sprung side. Just use some needle nose pliers and cloth ( to keep from scratching the patina.)

Then use some epoxy to hold it back in place – you want to overbend it out a bit and then clamp it flat with a C clamp, wipe off the excess. Now you have a great whistle !!!

Why great you ask ?? Good question !! It looks rustic and plain doesn't it ?? However that is why it is under the radar…no second looks.

Let's take a second look. Peek at the top knop. Note how the 'ring' is unusual ?? It is more like a flat wire isn't it ?? In your research in More Whistles by Martin Gilchrist ( you have that done't you ?? ) You find that only Alfred DeCourcy used that top knop. One of 5 different tops on his escargots. Quite important to a whistle GEEK 🙂

Then you see that it is stamped the Thunderer,  so that dates it well before Hudson ratained the name in court.

Please note that PATENT is stamped on it too. Most likely for the tongue—now try to research that next….We will leave that up to you for now, as you are obviously off and running….


The best part ?? It is on a BUY IT NOW for cheap on eBay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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