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Escargot Patent

Always interesting the questions that arise while learning. Thought you would be interested in an enquiry from Australia ….

I have come across a Thunderer whistle on UK ebay that appears to be very early. (ebay  150825…… ). It only has markings "The Thunderer Patent"set in an oblong box on the upper mouthpiece. I have searched the books but cannot come up with any information on that style of Thunderer. I would think that wording might indicate that a patent had been applied for but not yet granted, although they usually put "patent applied for"don't they.

'Good eye' Bob 🙂 ( pun intended )

You are improving right along. This looks to be made to the earliest of Hudson's Glasgow patent. Happened right after the 6 piece MacDonald and Auld hit the market. That would date between 1891 and 1905. Whether this one falls in that period or not I can't tell. It may or may not have the word PATENT on it and still fall in that time period. No matter, the design is exactly the same !! They used the boxed stamp on and off early on till circa 1910. These are smaller than they look in the picture.

There are plenty to be found, nonetheless can be just as collectable and old as the heavy 5 and 6 piece oldest Glasgow designed whistles !!!

Originally I think that Black and Company used the block THUNDERER image. You may recall that Hudson didn't get exclusive rights to the Thunderer name for themselves until a much later date ( 1927 ). My guess is that they won that decision because they had run everyone out of business anyway !!! Regardless,  India was using it spelled correctly and incorrectly even in the 1940s

Postage shows as not free from where I am looking as you also mention, but maybe on your end. Personally I think it is priced too high if you take your time. Doesn't look to be the best of condition too if you are patient.

It is true that the three books on Whistles by Gilchrist are somewhat essential. Until at least more is available on the internet. Keep those questions coming !!!!

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