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the lowly escargot…who will speak up for it ( them )

I WILL !!!

So many trip over them getting to the OTHER whistles and miss sooooo much !!! There are many nuances to find . And NOOOOOO they don't all look alike, there ARE differences.  Like what you say ?? Good question, let's look at just one thing ( well think about it anyway ) >>>>>>>>> The toothgrip.

Not much to look at, but looking closely one sees an important amount of variation and isn't that a big deal when differentiating them ?? You betcha !!!! Some are WIDE, while others are SHORT !!!  Then there are those that are only on the top and vice versa — well haven't seen it on just the bottom yet, but am looking and expectant   🙂

I have even seen some that are applied after the whistle is done !!! Little flat curved pieces attached. All of it helps tell the makers apart. The curvatures vary too,  some really curved and some less.

Now add to that height and we have even more clues !!! Granted this is a little stretched….

The "piece de resistance" though has to be those escargots from India made during the 1940s. Wow, what work they took. Exmaining them closely shows that although it was common before this time to have the toothgrips pressed out by a machine, these industrious makers ( and there were plenty of them ) actually filed them into place !!! How ?? The metal was thicker on the top of the mouthpiece and someone had to sit there and file down the metal until only a rough toothgrip was left !!! Same on the bottom many times. How many hours did THAT take ?? Dunno, but a LOT of labor.

Doesn't take much to make me pant over whistles, but boy that's a sprint to get there !!!!!. Won't ever look at escargots the same again will ya ?? ….. Unless of course you are tripping over them.

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