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ethics in bid manipulations

bidding on auction sites like eBay is not all that it is cracked up to be is it ?? I mean up front it seems that one bids and then waits….well yes, that can be true, but likely you will be waiting when it comes to rare whistles for a looooooooong time AND with no whistle coming !!! Why so ?? –

Let's say that one wants to misdirect an auction. just for an example and of course this would NEVER happen… but let's just that say bids were placed by someone —-that never intended to be backed up honestly. Let's say that someone else threw in some bids competively that were then added to the mix. NOW what has happened ?? The price has been fabricated to look as if it is much higher than it would be and drives everyone off early. Now all one needs to do is RETRACT ones bids saying —  that the bids were made acccccccccidentally  !!

Now the price plummets as BOTH bidders retract ( this goes unpunished by eBay now ) !!! The seller is crushed and frustrated and any other HONEST bidders are put off. A seller MIGHT cancel their auction altogether and because of an offer made  from one of those bidders he then sells  the whistle OFF EBAY thereby getting the whistle, bypassing the whole auction and in the process circumventing eBay fees — using them for making the whole thing possible !!!

What helps is that eBay winks at all bid retractors. Oh, they SAY they take it seriously, but all one has to do is wait one year and to once again have a 100%  rating from them, despite a long history of either multiple retractions or better yet, getting the seller to cancel the transactions so nothing shows on ones history. How to build a terrific collection and cheat your way to the top. No doubt it will be proudly displayed and loaded up to some website as 'discovered by" …..

Quite the scene huh ??

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