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finding rare whistles too

Now that we have talked about geography and travel and expenses and time >>>>>>  In other words the contrast of hunting for rare whistles on foot or by sitting stationary and watching them march by — the question begs, why the internet ???

Because in a way they come to you !!!! What a concept !!!! The more people that you contact that sell whistles, the more that you will see. And that equates to variety and quality of which you likely won't come across at a garage sale, antique store, etc.

Consider that we had 25 whistles after 25 years and now with the internet we have over 1000. Yes we are selling them off constantly as we grow and change and that means we would have a lot more !!!!!. As our research grows we redirect and actually have to trim DOWN.

BUT,  how that could be done if there wasn't a constant flow of whistles ?? Couldn't.

Did you note that point earlier in this blog ??………….contact >>>> write,IM,text,email, write,phone…………


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