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finding rare whistles

How much does traveling to find whistles pay off ??

Depends where you live !!!

We live on the west coast of America. Probably 200 years old at best. Not much history of whistle makers here !!! And believe me whistles do not travel much to areas here. For many years ( many ) we tried to find them in antique stores and found very few. In fact we have 3 original whistles from our first 25 we found before going viral on the internet.

1) Purina dog chow dog whistle
2) Faurot police issue
3) BGI made 601 bullet

The rest have faded by comparison and are down the road now. These are nostalgic. Even the bullet is for sale cause we 'upgraded' which we do all the time now. Or just get out of and sell off.

The east coast might be better hunting grounds, but we're talking a vast coast line. Perhaps again, the northeast area where some early manufatirers were located might bring better results. Still LOTS of traveling and at almost 4 dollars a gallon, THAT could pay for a lot of whistles. Not to mention the time involved.

Boy o boy, to live in the UK and go to those boot sales and antique fairs !!!!! Or Germany and the antique shops ??  Wow, what finds could be there. Not too big of an area to travel thru. Besides the antique stores.

What about France ??  — again, terrific hunting grounds at fairs. Argentina, I don't have a clue. Seems that antiques are just looked at as OLD STUFF in many places. So hunting on foot might really pay off, but much harder work !!!.


All in all, foot work is arduous and time consuming as well as easy to fall short. Prices might be a whole lot better ( or worse ) but the best source is turning out to be the internet. WHY IS THAT ??? Seems like the prices are higher — oh really ???? CONSIDER…..

No fuel costs
No labor loss ( hunt at ease )
No wear and tear on your car
No lodging fees

When you pencil it out buying over the internet is the best deal going !!!!


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