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We not only COLLECT whistles… we BUY, SELL, and TRADE… as well as BROKER collections for other collectors. Our goal is above all, an informational site where collectors can rendezvous, but realistically, we do have expenses to pay for (i.e., the website, our research, etc.).

However, The Whistle Gallery's main initiative is always searching for variety in whistles, along with patents, matching whistles, and manufacturers. As we research our whistles we many times find we have whistles that are duplicates in structure but with different stamps, and therefore have no need to keep them. Admittedly, it would only be honest to say we do “upgrade” occasionally too.

Coming across rare whistles that we think others may be interested in, but we do not collect, we purchase them and then offer them for sale. Yes, there’s always a risk that we will “eat” the purchase, but then we sell them off at cost. It’s a win-win. Along with these, we buy collections usually keeping only a few from the whole, thereby expanding our for sale selection.

What with shows and inquiries, and of course, now the “For Sale” section we go through a LOT of whistles! Here is to hoping that we all benefit!

If you have any questions regarding pricing or question why a whistle seems cheaply priced or too expensive, please email. It may be that there’s a defect unseen, or a rare model not expressed in the description. We do our best to describe everything accurately. You may need more pictures or information and we are happy to oblige!

Please feel free to enter our For Sale section!
We hope you find something to add to your collection!


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Instructions for inquiring/purchasing whistles:

Please take note of the whistles' item numbers.
At the bottom of each For Sale page is a form.
Please fill out the form and submit your requests. We will contact your directly.
Purchases will be completed through email.
[ We support PayPal, credit/debit cards, money order, or check. ]



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