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garage sales

Depending how old you are many of us remember the old days of garage sales when they really were gold mines. I mean you could cruise through a sale and find some terrific bargains. Even better were the estate sales and perhaps still are at times.

Whistles are still like that for the most part. Great bargains to be had if one looks in the right places. So many times they go completely unnoticed by the general public — under the radar so to speak. Oh, I know, there are those high profile ones on eBay that can reach pretty good prices. But in all reality 500 dollars for a whistle isn't stratospheric. Compare double that for a TANK whistle or 800 dollars for a rare asylum whistle like the one that went a few months ago, ————– against a corkscrew that can sell for 10, 20 or even 30 thousand dollars !!! Now that's a LOT !!! But even the most expensive whistles are cheeeeeap for rich people right ??

Now let's bring it down to the level of most of us financially. Putting the all too rare dirt cheap bargains for 10 dollars aside, how about we put a ceiling of say 200 dollars and try to drop below that as far as we can and do an experiment. Is THAT even realistic these days ??? And in context can we find really terrific bargains still ??  Whistle collecting may be one of the best bargains going !!!

Don't believe me do ya ??? Well, I'll prove it….

Looking back on the year of diligent collecting for a 4 month period – from July 2012 to October 2012 ( that's roughly one third of the year ) we pulled out the best 12 purchases we found and then averaged them out. What did we find ??

Among the purchases were Lilly, Hawksley, Hudson, Linegar,Yates, McDonald,  and so on.
All are very rare. 
Four of the whisltes are the only examples known to us.
All but one, are circa 1900 or earlier >>>>> dating back to 1860.
Top quality, excellent whistles. All high quality condition.

The average price ?? 150 dollars !!! Sure that meant we spent 1800 dollars for a dozen outstanding whistles, a pace that could easily be cut for the average Joe to four whistles or in other words ONE A MONTH, OR stretched out to a whole years of sleuthing !!! ( you can whistle now )

You know I have a friend who just sold his boat off because when he totalled his cost taking out his friends on the weekend, after fuel, food, docking fees, the boat,  etc. he found that it cost him 2000 dollars per weekend !!!

You do the math….


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