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gender and the senses

5 years now intensely collecting whistles. Curiously, there seems to be a dearth of female collectors ??

Is it the same in other collectables ?? Why are there so few women into whistles. What is wrong with them ??

Perhaps nothing at all…. Perhaps we are looking at the wrong side. What's wrong with the guys ??????

Why do we collect anyway  ?? Some would say that it is to educate themselves on history. Perhaps. Another says it elevates them in how they feel about themselves, —- sort of a sense of self importance through the objects they find. — In other words I AM that certain rare and valuable whistle and vicariously it has made me into a better person !!! Pretty subtle psyche stuff going on here, huh ??

  No doubt looks have an impact, especially with design and such, So there is VISION. Can't SMELL 'em  can we ?? There is a tiny bit of TASTE involved when you blow it of course….

   One big time collector said " I go by feel when I pick a whistle" —  quite interesting when you think about it. A whistle is a sound instrument ( for HEARING  ) and yet it is the tactile approach ( TOUCH ) that attracts some. And what kind of feel ?? Well, he went on….heaviness or weight, usually including size. Maybe smoothness ??


Weird when you give it a little thought… maybe we shouldn't go here very far…..starting to creep me out….

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