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Been writing for what seems a month now. In reality, more likely a week. Turns out it takes about five hours on average ( so far ) to write up one SPOTLIGHT for ‘the website’. I am into my 5th article now, so you can do the math. I ask myself why do I DO it anyway ?? Bottom line is that I have only a very few collectors to talk to about whistles ( and they are rather reticent most of the time), so my guess is that I have created a mirror image to visit with, sorta like when my father developed alzheimers and used to have random conversations with himself in his room ( i.e.office ). It has helped me a lot more than I thought it would though, collecting my thoughts and all, making me verify things that I thought I knew more about, really pinning down  missing information and what not. So here goes my first blog. Getting the website going has been no easy task either. Can’t afford to pay top dollar of course ( who can ? ),  so after several tries my daughter baled me out and is building The Whistle Gallery.com. Still getting to the For Sale section and that will probably be next year before I can start loading that up. Finally have our prints ordered and they will be here this week. I loved the print so much I have one framed and matted for the pool room here !! After all it was arranged from the different cabinets in the reference collection and doesn’t exist here anywhere now….except in the framed print. Now I have to learn about  watermarks and copyrights — ARGH !!!

Hope you like the website. Suggestions welcome.  It has a been brainchild for YEARS !!!! Finally a place where whistle collectors ( sorry, metal only, no tin 🙂 can cross paths at. We trade in a lot of whistles each year. But if you are serious about learning, it is like the woman said, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs” so we have to sell off regularly. We started selling at the Portland Expo and at Alameda naval base in California and that has helped to keep the collection down. Always a goal we work on. After 5 years of serious collecting we are proud to say we have no more than 700 in the reference collection. Compare that to Whistle Willie who has over 10,000 !!!! Well, makes us feel better anyway.

Back I go  to SPOTLIGHT 5… ( looks to be well over my average time )

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