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How to Keep Track of All Those Whistles!?

To tag 'em or not to tag 'em — what do you do to keep track of those whistles ??? At first one may think they know the faces of each of their children and while that may be true, eventually there are twins born or even triplets !!! Besides THAT,  it is a little more than bewildering ( and intimidating ) how many ways there are to make a whistle !!!! You will end up with FAR more than you thought you would.

So save yourself some real trouble and decide early how to mark those whistles. Personally we have settled on metal ring key tags. You can figure out what works for you best in whatever storage containers or racks you use …. For us though no string to fight with at all, just a jump ring. And the tag folds behind the whistle hanging from the hooks. There is a front and back to the tag so plenty area to write. BUT what do you write on the tag ???? Good question 🙂

First, an access number is really helpful. That way you can refer to your more detailed records in your computer or filing system, without having to fit it all on the tag. We are at #1829 – not that we have that many whistles , some are long gone now. But it is a system to organize your soldiers under. Next, the maker ?? If you know or 'unknown' maker if not — you will get a LOT of that one before it's over …..

After that the date it was made or if not exactly known write 'circa' and then estimated date or period. Optionally you can put the length, material, weight and oh, almost forgot … you will likely put the type ( i.e.scout,police,cycling, fire brigade etc. ) and stamping. This is often a distributor name and with either – the address if there. Perhaps the country of origen ??

Why all this info ?? Well tags come off or get moved and it will only fit that one description now won't it ?? Also, there may be details about it you forgot — yeah even with that incredible vise like memory of yours !!! Details about the construction are favorites with us.

So there you have it. Then again, there is the cost of those tags that take money that could better be used for whistles……Grrrr……

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