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hungery for whistles ??

Had an aquatance send me an item, we'll call #@*. He started collecting them because of a contest between him and another friend.

The goal was simple. Each pick an item to collect ( ergo #@* on his part ) and then see who could reach 50 first. Harmless fun really. And cheap as no one else really was after those #@* anyway  🙂

Interesting what people collect isn't it. Now LOTS of #@* later, there is a what some would call a significant 'collection' However you and I might look at it and ask why collect those ????? Kinda weeeeird you think ???? The same could be said about whistles……

What makes a collection so important ?? Lots of things I would imagine like history, caftmanship, rarity and so on. However it is always good to pause and ask…is there something else going on here — behind the scenes?? As we look for more, is something else driving us ?? The desire to aquire that is relentless. A hunger, a need ?? What one could add up to >>> as a craving….

For example:

After looking long hours for a rarity, when one is finally found, how long does that victory last ?? Do we go back and get the same pleasure we had when we first found it ?? In other words how lasting is each find ?? Or is it fleeting and the move is on for another 'fix' ?? Good questions to ponder !!! Does it not seem over the top to get emotionally worked up over objects ???

A collector once showed me a whistle and said that if 'so and so' saw it he would go GA GA over it !!!! Do we go GA GA ??

Try this on, compare whistles to bird calls. Similar right ?? But do we turn up our noses at a bird call and then salivate over a whistle ?? It would seem that whether we collect MAPS, CORKSCREWS, POKEMAN CARDS, BARBED WIRE SECTIONS ( and the list goes on forever !!! ) our individual passion is rooted way down below >>>>>>  where no one likes to go.

Well, at least not today…..


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