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I Found Something! (that I already had…)

How well does one know their collection of whistles ?? The reason I ask is that I was at the reference collection yesterday and found an escargot made by De Courcy in with the Hudsons whistles !! OMG !!!  A small oversight, but understandable the way that the escargot was made. Only the slightest differences, but HEY — there are differences !!!

SO sometimes there can be whistles to be had in our own collection that we 'FIND' so to speak. Of course, this is written to all those who have some whistles already, but it is worth thinking about for the future when collecting whistles. The more you accumulate and go through,  the more chances you will see what you missed the first time around due to not having an educated eye ( yet )

We grow in knowledge and the re-examination of our existing whistles is ALWAY worth renewed vigor. Soooooo, write in pencil on those tags…..

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