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identifying rare whistles and lures

wow, a couple of very interesting whistle pix were sent in recently. Well, more than a couple, but two we wanted to reflect on.

One was torpedo shaped and found in a dumpster !! After pix were sent and more pix — it was determined that it was actually a fishing lure !!! THAT was fun !!!

Then a round whistle from the Nazi era. Adjustable too like a dog whistle. 1930s ?? ( nah, we don't know everything )

What's the point ?? Where are we going with this ??

Send, in those pix !!! First of all we love seeing what we can't have     🙂

Second, it broadens all of our knowledge, because we pass it on to everyone out there.

Third, well can't think of another. Now… perhaps there is another reason…it get's you ( the public ) involved in the incredibly overlooked field of whistory ( the study of whistles and their background )

pix. pix, pix keep 'em coming…..

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