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identifying whistles

It's all about connecting the dots 🙂

Sure, remember those dot pictures from elementary school. Yeah, you know, the ones that had fifty dots scattered all over the page and when you connected them according to the numbers you drew a DOG !! OR you drew a FISH !!!

It all came together after connecting the dots and then you could see the big picture and identify what you were looking for.

Same way with whistle research. … What are the dots though ?? They are the actual physical whistles, catalogs, books —- and perhaps websites 🙂

Admittedly one does have to buy whistles to have enough dots, as there are far less books, catalogs etc — right??  And those whistles can be spendy, but that is the bottom line. Not to be overlooked is writing and communication with other collectors.

So, after collecting as many whistles as one can afford, along certain lines of manufacturers or types or materials, or years….one gets to know the bigger picture and progress is made.

Tempting as it may be one can't just say oh, it's a CAT !!! Nope, might be a SKUNK or an ELEPHANT or ??? Same with whistles. Can't just say it was made by someone without enough dots. Perhaps a stamp or a catalog or ??? Can't just say it dates to a certain time without evidence.

None the less,  it is a fun game research. Makes the hunt as fun as finding a new whistle….


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