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important rare whistles

what is an important whistle and why talk about it ??

a missing link…

When collecting, the objective is hazy as each one collects what they want to — granted. But for some it is more about whistory. The study of what is behind those whistles. Not always easy to track down is it ?? Perhaps you have visited the Whistle Gallery site just to do so ??

Well, join the hunt !!! So what makes a whistle important and what does that do to the value — and even further, the price ??

First, the importance. It can be weighed by whatever minor detail it brings to the table. For example a stamp that has never been seen before may reveal a manufacturer !!! Or it may be to supply a retailer or police force or ?? Perhaps a model never seen before. And that may open up a door as to other whistles not yet identified.

Then there is the value. — Who knows ?? If another collector spots it and you both want it, then the feathers fly and the price may skyrocket !!!

Notwithstanding, the price may remain very low. Why ?? No one else cares about what you are thinking is soooo important of a connection. But fine by you !! You are collecting and studying for yourself really.

Perhaps that is what being a connoiseur is all about….

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