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insights into rare whistles

….here is where one really can enjoy other collectors.

Received a whistle today in the mail. It is model #168 in a German whistle catalog — manufactured by Martin Signal circa 1900. It is a long tube shaped whistle that sounds a little like a train, but without the extra tubes. Really an interesting hollow sound. It is almost 5 inches long. Quite long for a whistle really. Nickle plated brass. Just a tube with the end cut off and then reattached with four wire like 'extensions' that make it almost half an inch longer. The mouthpiece is flat and the metal used is quite thin.

Now I look at this whistle and think, hmmmm looks a LOT like an F.L. Johnson patented Jan 29, 1889 cycling whistle from pre 1900 in the USA. Could there have been any influence ?? Why yes one would say !!! Why is that ??

For one thing they are the same diameter.

Then the top ring is actually a wire that has a slight bend in it running across the end to allow the chain or string to loop through —- and they are exactly alike on both whistles.

Those 'extensions' ( 4 ) at the mouthpiece are also the same on both whistles and only one other USA manufacturer ( Hatch ) used the same design and he lived at the same time as Johnson and even in the same town.

There are two rings around the area that is extended and they are also exactly alike.

Why give it so much thought ?? Just observations really. But who was first and who actually designed this whistle  ?? That's worth knowing. So much for patents huh ???

Johnson and Hatch classified theirs as cyling whistles. Was Signal's or was it just to show off ??

Tid bits to share, just tidbits, alas no pix…unless you write in and request to see 🙂


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