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finished Beauforts, Boson, Rounds ( I know out of order ) today and ready for loading to the FOR SALE section. Told you !! Didn't think it was EVER going to be done huh ?? I don't blame you. Really tedious. Had to retake some pictures.

Will keep plowing before actually loading them up. Should have half a dozen catagories done soon and then, voila.

Hoping for the following format…

Description ( brief )

Serious enquiries can always ask for more pictures I suppose. All in all, takes a ton of time ya know…. Then there is pricing. Postage on one can be four times what another costs to get here !!! SO the prices may vary some what. Should I take offers ?? I dunno, gets all balled up them. I start high and then bargain back and forth…Then of course have to be reasonable ( means literally 'willing to yield' )

Gotta start somewhere, so I started at the bottom of my hagning board, almost 50 whistles done today…. Only about 301 to go….OMG….

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