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May in California

we have been buying like mad for the No Cal show coming in May. Lots of sirens, scouts, train, bosun, and some oddities to really add to the variety offering. Of course rounds are our favorites, but hard to come by and keep the prices down.

All caught up catalogueing (sp) and picture taking for our records and of course TAXES !!! Gotta stay honest you know. However the large cash outlay really takes a bite now doesn't it ?? Always tickles me when I am asked how much off if  "I buy three" — now really ?? With gasoline at 4 dollars a gallon and us commuting to the shows, how much off can I give for three whistles that don't amount to 100 dollars. But hey, it is a cheap hobby for the most part still.

Been thinking that you might like to read about the auction scene. That would mostly be eBay as they dominate the world of auctions for whistles. No secret there huh ?? So what has been happening lately ?? Well, some really great 1880's Hudson cycling whistles have come and gone for VERY high prices !!! How about 513 dollars for one whistle ??? And two whistles in 30 days. Something to always keep in mind though is that a very few collectors are keeping the prices so high. Usually a lot less without them. Perhaps one day though there will be a lot more avid collectors ??

Also saw once again the DeCourcy siren up for auction. At one time a thousand British pounds was asked, now it is down to half and perhaps should be lower. It has a reserve and has been up half a dozen times now—  but no sale. By the time it sells for every penny that can be squeeked out another will show up !!! Leaves a bad taste in your mouth when — well I will save that for another day……

Interesting watching a TANK whistle up for auction. Here is an interesting ploy….Offer a lower price to a dealer than he has it listed for. Then put the pictures up for auction on eBay and make it look like you actually HAVE that whistle,  when in actuality it is owned by another dealer. THEN if it sells rush over to the other dealer and buy it for the earlier solicited price and resell it for a tidy profit. Innovative huh ??? Well, only if the original owner lets it go !!!!! Perhaps he is a little more savvy and is watching eBay too ???? Der.

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