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McDonald escargot


Nice to see we're heading for 10,000 hits in just a couple months !! Traffic is good, but communication is better !! Write in !!!! Argh !!! Either there are a lot of hackers out there or there are at least a few OTHER collectors hovering about 🙂

We are down to pricing  just escargots and rare makers in GSWs now !! Yep, pricing them out right now ( well after the bloggggg that is…. and then we upload the FOR SALE section, just in case you have been frustrated…. I know I have been….

Saw an interesting plexiglass case that is used to house matchbox cars recently, while I was out on a job. I took some rough pix from my phone to upload for you under collections. Yeah, I know you aren't into matchboxes, but the cases look promising. Unfortunately the fellow couldn't remember the retailer !!

For a llittle eBay news….Saw a McDonald 6 piece escargot whistle ( 1890 ) sell today for almost 500 dollars !!! A fellow collector from the states took it over another collector from Israel. I was in the mix, but faaaaaar below that price !!!! In fact less than half in case you think I have a lot to spend 🙁
Know much about McDonald ( Peter ) ?? Apparently from Martyn Gilchrist's research, he joined with Ward in 1890 to design and make a heavy 6 piece escargot – pictured in More Whistles — in the escargot section ( der ).

What a bit of work that was !!! HEAVY to say the least. I will say, that whistle is LOUD !! I know everyone and their brother writes that on eBay when they sell a whistle.>>>> Quote  " I don't know anything about whistles, but it is LOUD"  Like that is the reason we are looking at a 75-100 year old whistle ?? Yeah, I do that sure, I think to myself well, although it is antique and all, the finish is finally eroded off and the metal beneath has turned into a very nice patina, BUT, I wonder if it is LOUD ?? Cause THAT'S what I'm looking for !!! Sort of like looking at an old Model T Ford to buy and wondering if the radio works ???

However I digress, the point is that the first 6 piece whistle design WAS well designed. It seems that  AULD came out with almost the exact same 6 piece whistle.—– IN THE SAME YEAR ??  After and during a time that escargots were VERY light weights ?? One could compare it to economy cars being produced for yeeeeears and then several muscle cars came out at the same time !!!

Makes one wonder doesn't it ?? How did that occur ?? Hmmmm,,,,,,,,1890 was a real turning point though… Think about what happened…. Ready to think ??….. 

Auld ( from Glasgow ) registers a 6 piece escargot design in January
Ward ( from Glasgow ) with McDonald ( Birmingham ?? ) registers a 6 piece escargot design in February
McDonald makes his own 6 piece escargot !!!
All three have well attached knops that look alike. McDonald whistles are a little skinnier body and the mouth more rounded. Peters' window is slightly larger. All three have rings cut into the knops. Even the cork balls are the same size !!!

I tell ya, Glasgow was a hotbed of whistle making that year. OTHER 6 piece whistles showed up too !! Who made those ?? I dunno…
Who knows how long they were made for, however in just one year they were all obsolete !!!

in 1891 Hudson designed and patented their own FOUR piece escargot and it is substantially the same design used today …. 120 years later….

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