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metals used for whistles

wish I knew more about metals. I surfed the net today to find out where nickle plated brass goes to ??  Well, the nickle I mean. You've seen them right ?? A hundred year old whistle and all the brass showing through ?? It can't be all rubbed off, as extensive as I see it — and barely any left at the joints….

Many times one sees the whole whistle of brass and at the extreme edges some nickle plating remaining. Search as I might, not much written about oxidation and deteriorating of nickel. However 100 year old whistles nonetheless show quite a bit of it  !!!

Don't take me wrong, I love it myself. I much prefer the richer patina of old brass rather than the pristine look of nickle. In fact let's rank my most favorites from the tops to the least … I'm sure that's what you want to hear right now… yeah right….well anyway….

Tops for me issssss yep, you guessed it — nickle silver !!! The yellowish kind is the best, but ANY is great. 🙂 I even prefer it polished. Hmmm kind of makes me an oximoron ( boy, there's puns in there front and back ) since I don't really like nickle plating that much. Some prefer that very powdery yellowish patina, gotta give it to them,  it can look nice too I guess.

 2nd place goes to brass that has a very dark patina. Very rich looking. Can't touch it to repair it without ruining the patina though !!

Thirdly ( is that even a word? ) comes old steel that has that rich almost blackened look to it. Wow, even the chains look terrific that way. I'm salivating thinking about it !!!

( I'm inserting bronze in here, cause I missed it and so as not offend all the Romans of old )

Fourth(ly) would be copper – if I saw it much. Does show up on Horstman escargots and GSWs. Sometimes elsewhere. Really turns brown doesn't it ??

Slipping in here is pewter. That was a close battle and I am not so sure that pewter doesn't actually edge out copper, but whatever….It can really look rich and dark — are we sensing a theme here at all ?? >>>>> and adds to the feel for some reason.

Not last at all, is of course our friend tonight–nickle plated brass. If it is a good plating job it really does look quite impressive. Real quality to the feel, but this look is more like chrome, just not as silvery.

Running closer to the bottom is of course chrome, yech. I even had a few whistles stripped to get it off. Looks more like a bumper finish than a whistle. And to think some had theirs plated years ago on purpose !!!

At the lower level is brittania which accepts plating, so can look even worse believe it or not !!! The whistles always look cheap made of brittania don't you think ?? Well I do and can cite many examples if you get your dander up at all. Even with all the plating worn off they don't ever measure up to Pewter whistles.

Whats at the bottom ?? I would have to say pot metal sort of like SPAM of the whistle world — what's in that stuff anyway ?? One wonders if other stuff than metal is actually used in there. Sure feels like wood products or something Or even spam or something….anyway…. I dunno….CHEAP that's for sure

Noticed I left out silver and gold completely ??? Yeah, another day……Of course we have restricted our 'discussion" to metal only , no tin ( for obvious reasons )

What say you ?? Did I miss anything ??? Hello ???


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