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Can't help but be elated tonight. Got home after a long day at work. Checked the website and found we had reached a goal !! Tonight we broke 10,000 hi

Why is this important to collecting rare whistles ?? Well for one thing it gives ones a place to go. There are other websites, but not many ( see SPOTLIGHT on research ) So to have a place where one can constantly learn is good for all.

As for  the FOR SALE  section, it is loaded up and ready to serve. Just working out the bugs on how to pay on line 🙂 — surprisingly harder than we thought, giving options and all, but on the low budget we have.

Beyond that we are getting ready for SPOTLIGHTS. Have a half a dozen built. Also getting ready for a new highlight to box up for you !!! ——  Veeeeeery secret just yet though.

Hopefully one day the site will be a nice pivot point.

Many thanks again for the interest ed enquiries !!!!

……The crew at The Whistle Gallery

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