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more on whistle chains ???

sick of chain talk ?? Sorry….

When do you 'introduce' a chain to your whistle ?? See how they go together ?? Certainly don't want to offend your whistle by overshaowing it with a chain that is too forward. My, my, what to do ??

Matching metals is nice 🙂 Never have tried variety I admit… will have to give that some thought now though !!!!

And there is the matching of ages so that a new chain doesn't try to get together with an older more sophisticated whistle. That would be a faux pas…

Some whistles come with certain types of chains. Some don't ever come with chains at all . Then there are those terrific watch chains that you can even modify.

Perhaps you have gotten an older whistle and it came with a chain and you want to keep it 'as was found'. I guess bottom line is it is your whistle after all and nobody really has any say huh ??

Heavy links, lighter links, shapes of links, complicated links …and of course all those silver chains ( we rarely use them ) — the list is actually endless…..



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