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Multi-Chamber Whistles

multi-chambered whistles, dual chambered whistles, train whistles, cycling whistles, what do you call them ?? Two to three tubes of thin stock soldered together in varying lengths to make the sound that most identify with trains as a kid. They date waaaaaay back into the 1800s  and are still made today. What does that say about them ??

Apparently they have held their place in the whistle world. But why are they so neglected by collectors ?? Good question 🙂

For one thing they are cheaply built. Well, not truly so, but in comparison to a dual chamber solid brass Barrall whistle or a plated brass with heavy construction De Courcy,  they look like they are merely just tin. That may be true to an extent. HOWEVER a true conneseur of whistles remembers that early escargots dating into the 1880s were made out of the same thin materials. Two and three chambered 'taxi' calls or hunting whistles by BGI (USA), Lilly(UK) and other countries were also made similarly. Then there are the rare cycling whistles pre 1900 by Hatch and Johnson, and of course early 1900s sirens by B&R and others with history back into the 1800s again. It goes on doesn't it ??

The SPOTLIGHT is focusing on them right now and half done for posting and you would be surprised at how many types and makers there are !! So for our unsung heroes, we pause and think … have I been letting some rarities slip through my fingers ??….

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