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my whistle

Do you carry a whistle ?? I do. WHY you might ask ?? ( if not,  then I will ask it for us all 🙂

Safety of course, but also communication. Whistles do both don't they ?? And they are simulataneously both at once !! You can call everyone to you and at the same time repel someone too close to you. Pretty nifty huh ?? Of course it HAS TO BE HANDY !!! Won't do any good buried in a purse will it ??

We sell a LOT of cheap whistles just for — walkers, hikers, boaters, hunters, late nite shoppers…. they carry a long ways and they have a piercing level that does not get beat down by traffic, the waves or gunfire ( that's why the military used them ) or yelling schoolyards or playgrounds ??? Every teacher should have one or more. Even being used in industrial envirements again over the sound of all the machinery. On the jobsite the crane operators use them to warn of rising loads.

For me, I want one that is sturdy, yet has some history to it. Not just a cheap junker. So I picked a Pringle whistle circa 1950 from the UK. Light weight and a screamer as most escargots are. In fact a good call will rattle your eardrums if you really let loose. It is pure nickle silver so it polishes up nicely and still looks antique. The design is very light weight, yet very strong. Hand made at that !!! The top is not a knop but a thick wire tranversing the top with a slight bend for the ring to attach and then on to my keychain.

We recommend escargot whistles. They carry farther than the tube shaped ones. No boater should be on the water without one on their key chain. All vests should have a small one. All hunters and hikers should have one ( and GPS of course ) Well, you get the picture, however it is a sound thing now isn't it ??

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