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Had the privilege to meet ( by phone ) a neo whistle collector yesterday. Not a novice to collecting either, but a veteran of the fields. It always amazes me to watch how quickly a hobby can be picked up, but really it only makes sense doesn't it ?? Mostly the trails are all the same, just different circles.

For me though it is a PRIVILEGE. Why,  you ask ?? Because that is how we learn…from others. Let's contrast the two directions for a moment. Say you try to learn everything about rare, vintage, antique whistles by yourself. How would you do that ?? Well, you could travel ( a LOT ) and pick up what you haphazardly might find. OR you could go to the internet, phone and personal visits to other collectors and exponentially you can grow in knowledge and experience.

Then there are concerted efforts to find and share things. Oh sure there is competition over getting them, but hey, do you really think you can afford them all ??? The lake is much deeper than you imagine. You will never get to the bottom !!! Besides that sometimes you can look for each other and share even the whistles themselves ?? I know, I know, collectors almost NEVER let go once they have their hands on them. But that doesn't have to be whern you get the right mind set—-YOU GET MORE BY SHARING.

Try it out in your head. Take 50 whistle collectors that bring 5 of their rare, antique, vintage whistles to a large room that is quite comfortable to sit down for a bit in. Then you all sit with your whistles hidden in your pockets. What could possibly be gained ?? Perhaps some interesting discussions. Now, everyone take out their least favorite they brought. Now things start clicking !!! And the next one? And the next one???  Get connected. You know, like axons and dendrites….I am sure you get the point….

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