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do you take pix ?? No not copyrighted pix, but actual pictures ? With a camera.

So much easier these days with digital. Just snap them. Load them up to the computor. Crop them. Describe 'em amd voila !! Ready to go into a file.

Well, now you have to create file names I know. —  Like extractors, beauforts etc. etc…. But you have to find them again right ?? Don't want to plow thru 1000s ( yes you will have thousands eventually ) Oh, did I mention there are all those that you took from the internet to keep track of too ?? Gotta keep them seperate you know.

Man o Man starting to get complicated !!! What to do ??  How about this ?? Try keeping them TOTALLY seperate. Your whistle collection and the ones you want to keep track of for the future 🙂

Mine are named Reference Collection ( original I know, thank you ) and all the personal pix I have 'borrowed' for personal use only — they are in a seperate file called Coveting ( a little more original )

The only problem here is remembering to keep those fututre pictures. I went to look up a couple sirens I remembered that I had seen and I went to create a more detailed file and guess what ?? YUP forgot to keep pictures for my self and now they are gone !!! Note to self — save pictures better….

Even the pictures of my own collection don't get always taken if I am really busy. At least those I can stop and take. But those that go by sometimes never come around again — argh !!!

What a knot head…..


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