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finally broke down a few weeks ago and decided to deal with several whistles I have that were CHROME plated. Sorry, but couldn't stand it any longer and wanted to either take the plated finish off or smash them to pieces !!! So what did I have to lose ?? Nothing …

I had a couple Police issues prior to 1900 and although old and worn – including the lettering, they were taken in by the owner and had them chrome plated., doubtfully by electroplating,  none the less plated and VERY shiiiiiney — yech !!! Isn't that weird ?? Obviously worn prior, yet plated ( for corrosian ?? nickle silver ????  Really ???) and now they were artificially shiiiiiiiney. The travesty for me is/was that they were nickle silver underneath and I LOVE nickle silver.

So what to do ?? I took them to a 'chrome shop' across the bridge and they threw them in the pot using reverse electroplating ( electro-un-plating ? ) and voila !! The whistle was back to its original nickle silver self !! Well sorta…the side effect is that they are a very shiney nickle silver now — almost chrome looking.

Now, you might wonder what I gained ?? Nothing. Everything. The satisfaction of knowing I guess. For us with OCD or if you have it real bad then CDO,  as my daughter tells me, —- it is a burden lifted. Besides that, I don't have to ever see any flakes of chrome coming off by the windows, as it sometimes does right ?????? Are you with me ????

Matter of opinion I suppose…. Recently got in a 6 piece early Auld escargot — smallest of the three sizes and YUP — chrome plated — now I gotta wait till I have another or even couple more to make it worthwhile to take in. Cause they don't do it for free ya know !!

Really don't mind at all those brittania plated round whistles much. Not nickle silver underneath is why — who cares about brittania ?? Now, if it was pewter, but of course can't plate pewter, so why worry ??

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