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police whistle

Yeah I know, we have talked about ( or me jabbering away anyway ) Police Whistles before, but why are police whistles seemingly at the top of the food chain when it comes to whistles ?? Why do they get the limelight ?? I mean even a book is dedicated to them and oh yes, similar whistles.

Some would argue that some Ivory whistles or Silver whistles or the latest rage — Asylum whistles ( or ?? ) are higher up. Perhaps they are more expensive and certainly more artistically designed, I would venture to say —  no conflict there. However for the average Joe ( that's you and me ) the collectability is far down below in the trenches — where we can afford them more and still have fun.

So again I ask—why are they at the top ?? Well, here are a few reasons,

Constabulary Named )
County ( named )
City ( named )
City Police
Metropolitan Police
Police or Fire
Police Special
Shire ( Named )
Borough ( named )
Officers Call
Cyclone Police
Signal Police
Police Alarm
Other countries forces
more ?????

Probably pretty obvious by now that there are a LOT of stamp variations, along with the different designs of the whistles themselves like beauforts in all their forms, escargots, tube shaped. Then there are the different makers….

Seems to just keep going doesn't it ?? Well, that's collectoing for you…. 





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