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police whistle

my -father's -cousin's -uncle –knew this guy who was a policeman and he used this whislte for years. Wow, really ??

A genuine police whistle ?? OMG !! …. What's wrong with this picture ?? ( what if it was a bosun, that would be a hoot, or should I say toot ?? Or a dog whistle, or slide whistle….. ad infinitum….. ?? )

Technically nothing. It could be totally true !!! Well, all the connections anyway. BUT What makes a police whistle such ??

A stamp, don't ya think ?? Something to show it was issued to a particular police force.  Stamped in production —– from the whistle company. ( I suppose it could even have been engraved afterwards of production. )

However, to get right down to it, there needs to be some form of pedigree. So…..

City, County, Burgh, Borough, Shire, Name of force, Name of City, the exception being a Police/Fire generic stamp —  in all its variations —  at least says POLICE on it !!! . ALL OF WHICH POINT TO THE POLICE FORCE THAT ISSUED IT. Now things have been elevated when it comes to collecting don't you think ?? No longer saving a whistle due to sentimentality alone, but because it was issued —–perhaps even numbered for them.

Is this toooooo anal ?? Toooooooo picky ??       …….hmmmmm…….

No different with fire or fire brigade whistles — right ??

Mental hospital whistles.

Scout whistles.

Military whistles 

*************All of these need identification ON THEIR OWN MERIT !!!!!! ***********************************

Why all the hubbub, bub ?? Collectability of course. Categories. There are parameters now. An outline to work within.

Probably good at this point to give some thought to an iconic name now ??  — The Metropolitan Police whistle….




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