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police whistles

What do you do if you want to sell your general service ( generic ) whistle on the internet ???

First, adverstiiiiiizzzzzze it as a genuine POLICE WHISTLE whistle — that always gets their attention !!!

Then,  say that you don't know anything about whistles ( that helps clarify things too )

Next, say that your uncles cousin worked for the police in a fairmonty, Alaska province or just outside of it. Back when he was 25 and he is retired now.

Of course say it is very rare, that REALLY helps. No, seriously !!!!

Lastly, say to look carefully at the pictures ( fuzzy ones ) as they are the best caveat emptor to close the deal with.

Oh, and ask any questions to be before you buy !!! Like what you ask ??

Try this one…. what police force is actually stamped on the whistle……. Uh Oh…….


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