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police whistles

Still kinda trolling eBay these days, it's fun to watch what goes by. You know what doesn't come up much ?? Old metropolitan police whistles. Odd don't ya think ??

Really. After all,  the best book in the world written on police whistles by Martyn Gilchrist came out a few years ago now. And you would think that there would be more surfacing of the Metropolitans.

Oh, there are plenty more city, county,shires, and such Constabulary Police issues popping up with different names and ages, but not METROs. Admittedly we DO see a lot of later METROs, say from 1915 on, but what about the earlier ones ??

CPW ( Collecting Police Whistles ) laid all the groundwork too, actually classifying them from the earliest release by Joseph Hudson down to the latest MP ( metropolitan police ) as MP1 through MP25 – or wherever one wants to trail off.

Rarely do we see an MP5 or MP8 for instance. Of course there are only two known MP2s known so that is understandable, but the others ?? Well MP4 would be difficult as it was a Bent and Parker and they made a lot less that year.

Occasionally we see an MP3 for example, but usually not original. You know, the mouthpiece or top cap or both have been replaced at some point. So I suppoooooose that could be collected as a variation. Still where are the original issues ??


Keep your eyes peeled 🙂


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