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what makes a Porteous ??

Well, it IS a name now isn't it ?? ( Whistles are named AFTER that name doncha know?? ) But why ?? The inference would be that he ( she ) did some design work —–  that applied to those whistles !!

The earliest seen is 1845 on the 4 chambered whistles manufactured by Stevens. Did the three chambered have a different design date ?? — Anyone know ?? Did this person work there ?? Did that person design the whistles that were registered designs ?? ( not patents by the way ) Did Stevens make the whistles or did Porteous ?? All good questions that need answering.

Next came those police and GSWs with the round tops that apparently were also attributed to Porteous because they first show up on labels that Stevens manufactured too >>>> on the over labels that weren't OVER labeling anything. They were just attached to the sides if the whistles. Both tube shaped and also round whistles.

Quite a conundrum really……. WHO WAS THIS GUY ???????

Makes you wonder if he had anything to do with all those fantastic BELL whistles that Stevens manufactured….

And what about when the name changed to Stevens and Sons ….. was he still around ?? Why wasn't it Stevens and Porteous for crying out loud ???????????? Makes one wonder now doesn't it ???


juat goes to show you that we all need to dig for these answers — most now have been answered in the May SPOTLIGHT 2013 of the Whistle Gallery !!!!

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