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post show ketchup

well, another show success. LOTS of whistles sold and a few book sets too. Hopefully this will start some more collectors on the trail of whistles and their history. There were 1600 booths this year. 300 outside and 1300 in doors.


Next show is in October, so a period of rest. Time to enter all the SOLD ones on the website 🙂 Hopefully this weekend.

Picked up a few rare whistles lately and will be posting them for you to examine up close.


Following up an interview with the Oregonian last show,  was an interview this show with an antique collectors magazine. There was also some video taken of the booth for possible use on the next shows commercial !!!


We had a corner booth offered to us this time which was fun and then a second booth also was offered, so we ended up with a 10 foot deep by 20 foot long area to fill with tables of whistles. Along with this was a full table of what remains of Martyn Gilchrist's books. A seperate table for chains and upright boards of whistles besides more cases than ever.

Will try to post something soon to share what is hapening in the whistle world here on the west coast of the states.


Perhaps we will try Puyallup in Sept-Oct ??

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