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nothing bugs me more than postage costs when buying international these days.

Have you paid attention to the spread ?? Getting a good deal on a whistle can be blown out of the water from one simple phrase – SIGNED FOR DELIVER !!! Yeah, I know, it guarantees that the buyer got the item, I know. AND that of course that means a lot when it is an expensive whistle and you as the seller don't want to get burned. ( Paypal is often used and they will take your money from you if the buyer complains about not getting the whistle — truthfully or not )


All I know is that I can buy a whistle for 10 dollars and then pay 20 dollars for the postage —  if I don't ask or read th fine print GRRRR…..

Now order a whistle from France and what caveat emptor is there to watch out for ??? — COLISSIMO — the top quality postage that is reeeeeeally expensive.

And what are the REAL costs ?? hmmm….. let's look at them….

1) bubble wrap envelope and postage from anywhere in the USA – 2 bucks !!

    I buy the envelopes at Walmart for dirt cheap.

2) Anywhere else short of Australia, China etc. — 4 bucks !!

3) France 6.5 Euros

4) UK 3.3gbp

5) ?? ASK !!!!

options ?? signed for ( as we have noted ) insurance, over night –well who does this and collects very many whistles anyway ??? Try 500 whistles multiplied by postage costs for all 500,  well you get the picture right ?? ——- it's WORTH the risk over all to skip the extras !!!!!!!. Unless you get a real rarity of course.

Sooooo what to do ?? ASK ahead.OR DON'T BUY !!!!  It If you don't, the postage can really accumulate for an avid collector like you and me.

Personally I have had 2 whistles go missing in the last 2-3 years and they weren't much to worry about, so I told the seller not to worry about it either. One STILL refunded the money !! WOW look what kindness does ??

Watch your backs my fellow aficianados, postage and well,  Paypal fees….we'll get to that another day….

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