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thought to update you on the website. Eeeeeeeever sooooo slooooow I know !!!! Going as fast as can be done I think without paying someone daily !!!!

It's not just that, we keep changing our minds !!! Improving things…. I hope 🙂

So, as of late, refining our use of pictures a lot. We have decided to use ONLY our pictures that we have taken. 99% will be pictures from the Whistle Gallery reference collection itself. We felt that it was more honest with all the picture pirating going on these days. Besides that, it isn't as misleading. After all, if we used every picture that were stole from the internet or other collectors, you might assume that we actually owned the picture and the actual whistle too right ??

Yes, that means limiting what is out there for you to see on our website. However there are other sites that do this and you can go to them and see many more whistles that way. Keeps things simple.

As the collections page grows we are posting more contributions, please feel free to contact us to see how you display, catalog and access your collection.  Much of the internet traffic is looking at how to store and how to keep track. Sensible examples are so very helpful don't ya think ?? Hope so.

Building more material and ramping up the SPOTLIGHT section. Nothing showing right now obviously, but work is progressing in the back ground.

After a lot of thought we decided to integrate with Facebook too. Even at this early stage we are receiving over 200 hits a day. So to help things along the Blog will go directly to Facebook too and comments can be made and posted. As you may recall the site Blog was being attacked constantly by Bots with SPAM commenting and we had to disable the comments. Now we are freeeeeee ! No SPAM on Facebook. Emails have been trickling in already, so let's see where whistle collecting is going to go ??

A lot of enquiries about the For Sale section and we are working on it. We have a show to do next weekend in California so that will deplete us a bit. However, that project of pricing and listing is also moving on and we will be working on it this week. Trying to figure out a way not to be just a pricing guide for anyone to use. Hoping to be more than that. Probably will lose that battle !!!

Really though, more activity is better…. 



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