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Well, it is official now. The collection has become corrupted….

Found a really great horn whislte, flat with dual chambers. Circa 1900 or earlier. That's three NON – METAL whistles now… oops, over the top …… Add to this one the huge curved horn whistle with silver clad top and bottom and the really interesting 'Gillies' whistle from Scotland made from antler and clad in the middle with silver and scrolling —  well you have the picture. I've lost all purity with metal only. What's next ?? Ivory, bone, plaaaaaaastic argh !!!!

I have finally gotten down to just one silver whistle, and I keep it only because we picked it up in DC on a family trip before we really even got into whistles ( well that is my story and I'm sticking to it ). Stupid little pineapple shape and all…. But I did get that American made cased silver military whistle recently….what's happening to my resolve ???

Might as well just turn to paper whistles 🙁

Problem is that  horn, antler, hoof, wooden and the likes have been too well made to pass by if you know what I mean ??? Maybe it is all those railway whistles that have been wearing me down with that dark sheen of buffalo horn. Whoah…Shoulda seen it coming with those two persistant whistles in the upper left corner of my variety cabinet.

Still, I absolutely refuse  to start dipping into silver. Not gonna happen….. Not me….. However, there is that really cool cycling beaufort that I keep eyeing……Nah, too spendy….

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