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well, got rained out of California and the show was put off till next weekened. So much for Sunny Cal !!! Almost left early to get there too and rechecked the weather, whew, that was close.

Oh well. more time to catalog whistles for the FOR SALE page 🙂

For simplification we settled on just four levels of scarcity.

1) common
2) uncommon ( not very original I know )
3) rare
4) very rare ( yeah, the opposite )

Hopefully this will cover everything.

Beyond this is the description work…


Again hoping to not leave out any essentials ?? Then there are the pix. The files contain mostly just plain shots that I took for record keeping only. So there may be some rather poor angles. Then I suppose there will be requests for closer or different angles ?? Oh well, gotta get them posted and just go from there.

trivia question : How many sizes of shotgun shell extractors are there ?? I know of three, 10,12,16 guage. Well,  with whistles integrated anyway. Are there others, more guages with whistles attached ?? ( just provoking you to write in. If you do I will post it 🙂



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