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rare, antique, whistle — milestone !!

well, we are closing in on 100,000 page loads before our one year anniversary of the counter for our website !!!

We set up the counter November 19th last year and have increased readership every way since then.

Great write ins and enquiries. Lots of growth. We have seen some very rare whistles that we would have loved to get !!!!

Oh well… better to see them then not at all !!!!!!

Many articles have been posted. More to come.

What to do to celebrate ?? Something whistle related ??

If by the end of the month we hit 100,000 then how about if we post a special edition SPOTLIGHT —- ——an EXTRA special one ???? Sort of a thank you for coming back time and again.

What could that possibly be ??? >>>> A whistle that has not been seen before ????? Well sure, but that is what the special edition is all about right ??

So how about an even more rare and unknown whistle — something REALLY special ????


OK, it's a deal 🙂

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