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rare whistle damaged whistle on eBay

there are two sides to buying a rare whistle that is damaged….

( perhaps more sides yet 🙂

((Of course most sellers try to be accurate as possible —– and you read that on their descritption page of the auction.))

First we buyers have to see and note the damage, cause more than likely the seller has a back door.—-  What is that you ask ??

"I'm no expert on whistles so ask ahead" …. Yeah been there, bought that T-Shirt !!! Let's think about that for a second………….ready ???

Oh, REALLY ??????? Could one sell an antique table with a gouge down the middle and not point it out ?? Or a rare coin and not show the defects ?? How about a great Corvette car from the 60s,  but don't mention a headlight is missing !!!!

Oh I know, we posted pictures and said ask for any questions before you buy !!! ( a form of insurance I suppose )

My favorite is — "great condition for its age" ————–What ever happened to MINT condition  ???


The whole reason for this tirade is that I saw a rare 'castle' top beaufort go on eBay today for big bucks. I have only seen two others in my few days. However the top knop is missing and it is damaged. Do you think that the seller noted that ?? Even after I wrote and told them so ????



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