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rare whistle for sale

Been watching eBay for a few days lately. Interesting perspectives looking at both sides. One side selling and one side buying.

Makes a person meditate on what a whistle is worth ?? A friend of mine growing up said in regard to selling that an item is worth whatever it will sell for. Guess when it boils down to it, that is correct.!!! HOWEVER ….

What if the seller won't budge on what seems like too high of a price ?? Perhaps timing is an element not always figured in by the buyer, but sure part of the equation for the seller !!! For example:

1) What if a seller refuses to sell at a lower price than he feels a whistle is worth ?? —- Then in a way he is buying the whistle for his own self.
2) What if a seller wants to wait for the market to pick up ?? Then, that is playing the market in a 'linear' fashion rather than a wider 'here and now' fashion.
3) What if a seller wants to just try on another day and see if it was merely an off week ?? Then re listing may very well work out.

On the other hand…

1) What if the buyer(s) refuse to bite ?? Then the whistle just won't sell and another look at the whistle asking price is forthcoming.
2) What if the price is truly a pipe dream ?? Then the whistle was never really even being auctioned off was it ??
3) What if The seller has a terrible rating ?? Then the whistle might be great, but nobody wants to take a chance losing their money !!

There are a lot of variables on eBay auctions. It takes years of buying and selling whistles to get a feel for them. However there are other points to consider…and buyers do think about….
Is it an obscure whistle ??
Is it damaged ??
Is it one of a kind ?? ( some like that, some don't )
Is it a great whistle, but common ??
Is it a rare whistle, but poorly made ???

Head starting to hurt yet ?? Good, mine has been hurting for years now….


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