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rare whistles

why buy whistles from the whistle gallery ?? Just for us to make money ??? HAH !!!!!!!!!

We lose money every year 🙂 In what ways you might ask ??

Well many times we buy just to compare whistles for descriptions and the learning curve and then TRY to sell them off — many times at cost ( including postage )

Other times we buy for rarity to be able to do SPOTLIGHTS  for you and us, admittedly we keep them, unless they are doubles and then we buy them because we are constantly asked for more rare ones than we can find.

Then there are those 'papers' we have to actually BUY for research and publications. Patents papers, registration copies, advertisements — all proving model numbers and sizes. along with — obviously —  the actual makers !!!

Beyond that there are materials to buy and use, travel expenses for shows ( the way we actually turn whistles most at )

It goes on and on,  but be assured that when you purchase whistles it is PLOWED back into your favorite reading subjects !!!!

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