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rare whistles for sale

Yup, another show in Portland Expo Center is in another week.

We will be there all three days, selling off whistles. Some we have are duplicates. Some are triplicates !! Then there are all those we have picked up just for resale that we don't even keep for ourselves.

Not everything we see do we collect, yet may be someone does ?? If it is a whistle we look it over at least. Don't want to be a whistle snob right ??

We will have a whole section of cost only whistles. We pick them up for practical reasons. They bring people to the tables for one thing !! Besides that we like knowing that many boaters, hikers, walkers, joggers, shoppers hunters..( .the list keeps going ) all need whistles for safety and we supply them.

Then there are the bread and butter sales boards that aren't tooooooo expensive, collectable and have some very nice variety. Somthing that everyone can get into.

This year we are expanding to two more glass cases ( three total ) for all the rarer ones. Police, cycling, sirens, fire brigade, rare makers. These are not cheap,  granted, but gotta make the good stuff available too. Besides that,  everyone can get a chance to see the rarer whistles this way.

It helps to see what the more expensive ones top out at. After all they are a lot cheaper than corkscrews !!!! 


C YA there ???

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