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rare whistles

You are going to think this a dumb one, but I LOVE my dry erase boards !!!

Have 'em in my whistle office and boy do I use them to death !!!! Great for memos while thinking of them, they are always up front and visible so I don't erase till I do or change something.

Great for seeing new ideas. I also use them for doing research — especially LINK diagrams — which really helps visualize connections between makers, dates, parts and such. 

One can have several projects going at the same time. Sometimes dividing bulky ones or combining others.

Cheap too !!! We just went to HOME DEPOT here and for 15 dollars got a whole 4X8 sheet !!! Then we cut it down and voila !!!! We use lots of colors too for seperating ideas. Maybe I will use them for collating my notes this week !!!

They really need that bottom lip though to hold the markers.

Finally threw out the bulky large pens and bought slim line skinnier ones — really glad I did that.

Kinda OCD huh ??

Oh Yeah !!!!!

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