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rarest whistles

the rarest whistles, are the ones that get away don't you think ??

Take for example the Maidstone beaufort that came up for auction years ago. It was in need of a little restoration as the hollow knop top was dark grey to blackish. The rest of the body was dark silverish. I still have the picture. It went for under 200 dollars because I was too chicken to bid on it. There is a perfect example of another one on page 33 of More Whistles by Gilchrist.

It had ( has ) a mouthpiece too, not like most beauforts that just end at the bottom of the whistle. This one was cast. Found out later it was made by Dowler and of course very rare. However even more rare now that it went somewhere else !!

Then there was that round with the two windows — in fact two of them !! And they both went to the same buyer. Pre 1900, unusual curved openings, perhaps made by Linegar even. One had a drain hole for saliva and the other didn't. Heavy brass. I still have the pictures….

Recently missed out on a 1908 siren that went to the same buyer that got the Maidstone, albeit 5 years later. I waited for many years to see one come up for auction and came in second cause it went very hiiiiiigh !!! Great knop on the side instead of the top. It had an open top too. You can see it in More Whistles.

Loved this simple brass dog whistle with a finial top. Haven't seen another since. I have pictures still of the siren and the dog whistle

beginning to see a pattern here ??

1) we remember everything about the whistles we miss………….
2) have pictures still
3) see them in books too
4) haven't seen any more

I can go on and on….maybe I will tomorrow….


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