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back from the weekend and been thinkin….what's all the fuss about rare whistles ?? In fact what is rare ?? I guess beyond the obvious is that there is a synthetic rare and a de facto rare.

Let's break it down. First synthetic might be created. How might that occur with a whistle ?? First one that comes to mind is the WINCHESTER 1806 escargot !!! Yup, stamp that on a whistle and there is a clamoring for it because of all the Winchester collectors. Demands 300 dollars or more. And voila — rare is created. On the other hand the model 1807 Winchester GSW, which is truly rare, costs even more as we saw earlier this year on eBay. ( a really low quality tube whistle by the way )

Interestingly enough, the 1806 is very well made by an unknown manufacturer ( possibly German and yes you heard it here first ). It followed earlier designs with different stamps and when it came out in production, it was already improved upon. Earlier and rarer stamped examples of rougher construction with Wilson, or Referee ( upside down circa 1916-20 ) and other stamps were made. But now the conundrum occurs. WHICH is the whistle collector going to search for ?? The one in demand — or the one actually rarer ?? OUCH !!! What to do ??

Really a wrestling match isn't it ?? Do I collect the Winchester escargot, and especially the OTHER model, 1805, because of the different number and pay TOP dollars for it ?? It amounts to $300.00 for the 1806, $400.00 for the 1805, $500.00 for the 1807.

OR do I buy THE EXACT SAME ESCARGOT WHISTLE WITH THE STAMP REFEREE on top –  the right side up stamped version circa 1922.for under 5 bucks !! THE 1807 IS A CLONE OFTHREE OTHERS KNOWN — EXACTLY THE SAME WHISTLE BUT EASY TO FIND STAMPS !!!!! Another 5 bucks. Oh my, I have just spent 10 dollars 🙂

What are we examining here?? Do we collect for the design, sound, use….or because we are chasing what we are told is collectable ????????

Remember the story of the kings clothes ??


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