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Reed and Barton whistle

Reed and Barton silver whistles are pretty decorative, but collectable ?? Don't know.

I see five shapes usually. Are there more ?? ( hope not ) 

1) Owl
2) Pineapple
3) Clover
4) Butterfly
5) lady bugs

Picked one up the other day and to my dismay my wife liked it and wears it now !!! Now I have to look at it all the time. Besides that we all know of my aversion to silver whistles. AND all the R&B whistles come in silver !!!!

Really flat and kinda large, they border on obnoxious —- to a reeeeeal whistle connisseuuuuuur you know. And to top it off, ours is a very high ptiched whistle — help !!!!

I was just being nice to the guy who wanted to sell it off. I didn't expect to have to see it,  more than any other of our whistles. WRONG !!

Well, here is to hoping that my wife gets tired of it soon…..

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