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Perhaps time off isn’t so bad. Gives a person a chance to revitalize and reorganize.
Is that really any good ?? Why not keep the ‘peddle to the metal’?? Good question !!
….gives time to step back and reassess where one is putting their efforts right ?? To ask oneself what am I doing ??

So, in this abeyance from posting whistle articles, we have moved into just one location with all our whistles and research material. A ten by ten office !!! Surprisingly it helps to see things in a different perspective. Re-examination of what is ALREADY accomplished. That is the trouble with searching and collecting isn’t it ?? — One never is satiated.

As stated on the website, defamatory information was posted and mostly removed. And when the ENTIRE posting is deleted and there is a level playing field again for all, once more there can be more disclosure and sharing in this most interesting field of study. In the mean time, there is always a seed of truth in every criticism. So this makes it a good time to reflect and make sure that no avarice or unsuspecting ill motives have overshadowed ones actions. A month off isn’t so long for this.

reorganizing whistles, web stuff, motives and practices, it’s all good….

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