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probably wondering ( or not ) why I ramble on about record keeping, tags, methods ad infinitum eh ?? Well hours later after starting today, I am still amazed at how I can have a whistle marked with the same number as another numbered whistle !!!!

Try as I may, I am constantly going down blind alleys and following lost numbers and finding whistles that have no record….know why ?? I didn't pay THAT much attention to it  ——- at first


Just trying to save ya'll some headaches later. Or even earlier I suppose.

Got it down to a science now….5 years later. Ready for this ??????

STEP ONE — record the whistle ( on the computor for me ) that I have ordered ( all internet now ) — details, details, details aaaand number it.

STEP TWO — write it on the wall dry erase board with date of order

STEP THREE —  it arrives and is PHOTOGRAPHED ( in groups of ten I highly reccomend )

STEP FOUR — picture is numbered after loading up onto the computor and filed.

STEP FIVE — whistle tagged

STEP SIX — marked as received in computor

STEP SEVEN — erased off board

The scary thing is that I could break down these steps into smaller steps !!! ARGH !!!!

Contrast that with buy 'em and pile them. Probably be somewhere in between. Me I gotta have all the details now. Believe me doing all these steps is a lot easier than retroactively building these records.

well,  still getting ready to sell off as many whistles as we can extricate from the boards. Hopefully come back from California a lot lighter, if not bleary eyed from record keeping for four days.

Now where was I ?? Oh, yeah, rhetoric…


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