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rusty whistles

The next best thing to steel is perhaps sheet metal steel. Heavy steel whistes are very hard to beat and I'm not saying that sheet metal ones come very close in comparison. However, we do love steeeeel don't we ????

How do you deal with rust on them ?? On a heavy one you can use a wire wheel or better yet a brass wire brush. However sheet steel is too thin for that. Well, perhaps a softer brass brush would work. Steel wooooool works OK for me, and I also use WD-40, which is a solvent. I even soak them in it for a few days. Love the way it darkens them and am almost addicted to that smell of whistle cleanliness 🙂

It may be impossible to remove rust that is on the inside of the whistle but the WD-40 might stop its progress somewhat. Just got to be careful not to scratch the whistle in the process is all.

Not too much of a problem for us here as these kind of whistles are usually dated too recently to mess with, but when looking outside the common whistle digs one does come across some keepers. Good to know anyway…..

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